Saturday, February 17, 2007

John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

After his success with Escape From New York (1981) Carpenter decided to remake The Thing. I'm sure that somewhere in my N-BOT sodden mind I can remember why he chose to do this but for here and now I cannot remember why. Really my shady memory doesn't matter because...

His version of The Thing is fucking brilliant. It's in my top five best horror movies ever made. Seriously kiddos - this is a scary fucking movie. This is not a movie you watch with your buddies and quaff ungodly amounts of cheap cerveza and yuk it up. Like the original Night of the Living Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre this is a movie best watched alone. Personally The Thing is best watched on a snowday.

So what makes me love this movie so much? Well...Carpenter's homeboy Kurt Russell puts down some fucking awesome acting as R. J. MacReady. The fact that this cowboy on the ass-end of the world doesn't play into the "oh gosh it an...huh...what was that?" kind of role makes it. He reminds me of Dallas - Tom Skerrit's character in Alien - that is if Dallas hadn't been such a corporate cog. Add to that the fact that the "supporting" cast is brilliant makes for an awesome movie. It really is an ensemble piece. You'll recognize everyone if you're old enough.

Why is this a scary movie and in my top five of scary movies?

Well...because it's perfectly paced. From start to finish there's doubt and an overwhleming sense of unease. No matter how many times I see The Thing I still get that twisted-up sensation during the blood test. I get wrapped up with this movie every time.

Add to the fact...

Ennio Morricone's score to The Thing is flawless. The last time I checked the score was out of print (OP) and remaining copies of the CD reprint were very expensive. Not quite as $$$ as Michael Kamen's score for Die Hard but still...

All in all: If you haven't seen this movie then the fekkin' Hell wit ya. This is one of the best.